©     $450 per wedding ceremony. This includes up to 1 ½ hours of the musicians time.  (E.g. Wedding starts at 3 p.m.  Musicians begin playing at 2:30, play for ½ hour prior to ceremony and play during the hour long ceremony, or musicians play for 15 minutes before, play during, and play for 15 minutes after an hour long ceremony.  Heartstrings will arrive approximately ½ hour before they are scheduled to play to set up at no additional charge).

©     $100 for each additional ½ hour.

©     $50 if you would like Heartstrings to attend the rehearsal.

©     $50 additional for outdoor weddings.

©     A charge of 50 cents per mile for travel outside of Cedar Rapids / Iowa City metro areas.

Special music requests may be accommodated for an additional charge (Starting at $20 per song plus the cost of music).